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So I've just graduated from high school, but today I received a copy of the last school newsletter of the year.  Amid the usual end-of year stuff there was a report on the last school camp, where we played soccer football and I missed the ball and ended up accidentally kicking a girl in the knee and dislocating her kneecap.  (She was very nice about it, didn't blame me, which was good).  It seems, though, that someone thought that this story was worthy of a place in the school newsletter, complete with a reference to my "Irish dance trained ninja toe[s]".

I think I need to make an icon of that.


Aug. 9th, 2008 04:07 pm
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So, I'm acting in our school production which is a play in which, basically, a bunch of characters from famous plays complain about their lives, decide to kill themselves and then change their minds and live happily ever after.
And I'm playing Hedda from Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.
She's a bit psycho.  It's fun.

On an unrelated note, I was thinking about fairy tales and how usually the heroine'sonly function is to wait around for the handsome prince to rescue her and how much that sucks.  And then I was thinking about fairy tales that aren't like that, and that got me thinking about various retellings of fairy tales.  So which fairy tales do you particularly like, and are there any retellings that made you like stories you were otherwise indifferent to or disliked?
Personally I love The Snow Queen even in its original format with its somewhat patronising narrator.  There are several reasons for this: that the heroine rescues the hero instead of the other way round, the way she journeys from 19th century Frankfurt into more timeless imaginary places and the way she travels through the four seasons.  As for retellings, I particularly like Gail Carson Levine's Ella Enchanted (Cinderella), Adele Geras's Watching the Roses (Sleeping Beauty) and Lili Wilkinson's Scatterheart (East of the Sun, West of the Moon).

So yeah.  Studious post is studious.  Or something.
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I guess sometimes I feel I'm posting into a void.

I'm back from America and I can tell you it was a shock to come from summer there to winter here.

I'm doing a theme study for English on utopia and dystopia; I've just read Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed.  I found it fascinating albeit quite slow-moving.  But the sheer number of ideas... wow.
I did find it interesting that a lot of the questions that the hero gets asked about living in his anarchic society are very similar to questions I often get asked about attending a Montessori high school.


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