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ADD is annoying. Not being able to find a job sucks. I am sick and tired of politicians talking about climate change and then not doing anything.
Fandom-related essays are cool. Over-analysing fandom is fun. I even have some essay topics in mind about fandom. If I list them here I might actually write them sometime:
-Air Gear, why I love it, and why aspects of it make me deeply uncomfortable (some form of feminist analysis)
-The awesome portrayal of women in Fullmetal Alchemist
-Related to the above: the roles of Riza and Winry in FMA and their links to female archetypes
-The Immortals arc and coming-of-age motifs in Naruto (I actually started this one... don't know if I'll ever finish it though)
And, because I feel like it, here are some really interesting fandom essays from other people:
Labyrinth as feminist myth
Feminism in Bleach
...Dammit, I know there are more than that. Well, I am leaving out some of the more controversial/argumentative shipping essays, but there are others
Ooh, here's another one (sort of): Sherwood Smith on modern reinterpretations of Jane Austen books. She also has quite a few other essay-type things on her journal.
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spoilers for recent chapters of Bleach, Naruto, Tsubasa and Holic )
Also, I highly recommend the manga Someday's Dreamers.  It's only two volumes long, but it's lovely.  The central concept is kind of like xxxHolic or Kobato (somewhere in between) and the tone of the store is more like the later volumes of Fruits Basket.
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They've been playing Tsubasa soundtrack music at the gymnastics events at the Olympics. Only sometimes, but still. I heard "When Two Powers Collide" and my sister heard Kurogane's theme tune earlier.

I just saw someone quote the parental advisory notice for volume one of the Black Lagoon manga: Black Lagoon is rated M for Mature and is recommended for mature readers. This volume contains graphic violence, strong language, nudity, adult situations, drinkin', smokin', ass-kickin', law-breakin', gun-love, running with scissors and just about everything your mother ever told you not to do.
I lol'd.

Icon Post

May. 3rd, 2008 06:24 pm
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15 CLAMP (Chobits, Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, Tsubasa, Clover, Kobato)
-2 Chi
-2 Sorata/Arashi
-2 Oruha
-2 Kobato
-2 Sakura & Tomoyo
-1 Hideki
-1 Sakura/Syaoran
-1 Sakura
-1 Himawari
-1 Xing Huo

10 Bleach
-4 Orihime
-3 Rukia
-2 Yachiru
-1 Uryuu

7 Fruits Basket
-4 Rin
-1 Hanajima
-1 Machi
-1 Yuki & Kakeru

3 Air Gear
-2 Spitfire
-1 Benkei

2 D. Gray-Man
-2 Lenalee

2 Naruto
-2 Hinata

1 Kino no Tabi - Kino

1 Random text icon

Total: 41


The Cut. )


Jan. 25th, 2008 07:20 pm
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CLAMP icons
6 Clover

Ran, Suu and mechanical birds
5 xxxHolic
Yuuko, Watanuki and Himawari
3 Tsubasa
KuroFay and Fuuma/Kamui
3 Legal Drug
Saiga, Kazahaya and Rikuo
1 Cardcaptor Sakura
1 Kobato

Non-CLAMP icons
8 Bleach

Uryuu, Ulquiorra, Orihime, Rangiku, Urahara and Yachiru
6 Naruto
Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and Ino
5 Fruits Basket
Rin, Yuki, Kakeru and others
1 D.Gray-Man
1 Random text icon


Will x-post tomorrow because I'm too tired now.
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13 Bleach
3 Hell butterfly
2 Yoruichi
2 IchiRuki
2 Ichigo and friends
1 Izuru and Shuuhei
1 Orihime
1 Renji
1 Mayuri

13 CLAMP (various series)
5 Chi
3 Sakura
1 Kotoko
1 Touya/Yukito
1 Watanuki
1 Yuuko
1 Kamui

5 Fruits Basket
2 Rin
1 Haru
1 Tohru
1 Kyo/Tohru

2 Naruto
1 Sasuke
1 Temari

2 D.Gray-Man
1 Allen
1 Lenalee

1 666 Satan
1 Ruby

x-posted a bit.

Icon Dump

Sep. 5th, 2007 03:21 pm
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CLAMP Icons:
3 Cardcaptor Sakura
1 Sakura
1 Sakura/Syaoran
1 Touya/Yukito
6 Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE
2 Sakura
2 Sakura/Syaoran
1 Subaru/Seishirou
1 Kurogane
5 xxxHolic
4 Yuuko
1 Watanuki
2 Chobits
1 Chi
1 Freya

Other Icons:
8 Fruits Basket
3 Haru/Rin
2 Tohru
1 Kyo
1 Kakeru
1 Machi
6 Fullmetal Alchemist
2 Roy
2 Maes
1 Ed
1 Winry
11 Bleach
3 Orihime
2 Isane
2 Yachiru
2 cityscapes
1 Ishida
1 hell butterfly
3 Naruto
2 Sakura
1 Hinata

x-posted a lot - sorry if I spammed your friends page.
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[19] Bleach (6 Ichirin no Hana, 3 Rukia, 3 Orihime, 2 IchiRuki, 1 Yachiru, 1 Rangiku, 1 Hitsugaya, 1 Byakuya, 1 Kon)

[4] Fruits Basket (2 Machi, 2 Haru/Rin)

[6] CLAMP (2 Sakura, 1 Syaoran, 1 Syaoran/Sakura, 1 Chi, 1 Touya)

[4] 666 Satan/O-Parts hunter (1 Jio, 1 Ruby, 1 Jio/Ruby, 1 Anna)

[1] Naruto (text)

[34] Total

Behold! )

More icons

Feb. 11th, 2007 01:08 pm
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My second batch of icons!

666Satan/O-Parts Hunter [3]
Fruits Basket [1]
Bleach [11]
Tsubasa Chronicle [3]
Chobits [3]
Cardcaptor Sakura [2]
Fullmetal Alchemist [8]
Tamora Pierce [1]
Celtic knotwork [1]
Total [33]

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Ok, I just find this hilarious.

Your Bleach Fairy Tale by chibi_tenshi24
Your LJ name is
Your father, the King, isZaraki Kenpachi
Your mother, the Queen, isSoi Fong
You're arranged to be married toAyasegawa Yumichika
But you get kidnapped byKuchiki Byakuya
While in captivity, you fall in love withMadarame Ikkaku
But the one who saves you isShiba Kaien
So you marryKojima Mizuiro
And have your first kid, who looks likeKyouraku Shunsui


Dec. 29th, 2006 08:12 pm
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Here is my first batch of icons! *dances*

They are:
Bleach [10]
Yachiru [1]
Renji [1]
Ishida [1]
Hitsugaya [1]
Ulquiorra [1]
Rukia [2]
Orihime [2]
Yachiru and Ikkaku [1]
Fullmetal Alchemist [9]
Izumi [1]
Al [1]
Envy [2]
Mei Chang [1]
Trisha [1]
Miscellaneous [3]
Howl's Moving Castle [2]
Howl and Sophie [1]
Miscellaneous [1]
Card Captor Sakura [2]
Tomoyo [1]
Sakura and Tomoyo [1]
Tsubasa Chronicle [1]
Sakura [1]
Prince of Tennis [1]
Eiji [1]
Total [25]

I also have some icons that may not work on LJ but I'll post them here anyway:

Bleach [3]
Rukia [1]
Orihime [1]
Ichigo and Ishida [1]
Tamora Pierce [1]
Keladry [1]
Total [4]


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