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Well, not quite. But I'm getting pretty pissed off at New Zealand at the moment, and the rest of the English-speaking world doesn't look much better. And it seems like Iceland is doing some pretty cool things at the moment. And they have awesome geology.

But this isn't about Iceland. This is a rant about the upcoming New Zealand election.

At this stage, it's pretty much inevitable that National will be re-elected. This despite continuing economic troubles, increased unemployment, broken election promises (no rise in GST, less use abuse of urgency to pass laws without public scrutiny) and various unpopular policies past (mining national parks) and present (state asset sales). All because John Key comes across as a 'nice bloke' and people like him. Well, that and Phil Goff has all the charisma of a cardboard cutout. But the fact that National may win an outright majority in the House should be cause for concern. New Zealand has relatively weak checks and balances on the executive anyway, but MMP's tendency to produce minority governments is one of the few we do have. With a majority in the House, National will be able to push through any law it wants with no need for negotiation or compromise.

And I'm pretty disgusted with some of the laws National says they will pass if re-elected.

They want to reduce child support payments, making life more difficult for single parents and their children. Their proposed welfare reforms are hugely problematic: punishing women who have a child while on a benefit amounts to reproductive coercion. Both of these policies hurt children in poverty, at a time when one in four New Zealand children lives below the poverty line. Another problem with National's welfare policy is the silliness of increasing work-testing for beneficiaries at a time when jobs are so hard to come by, while getting rid of the training allowance that used to allow them to gain skills needed for better paying jobs. I could go on about welfare and poverty issues, but there are some other things I want to rant about too.

I initially had mixed feelings about National's partial asset sales plan, but the announcement that the money from asset sales would be used to fund major irrigation projects has pushed me into the "anti" camp. Irrigation in NZ is primarily used for dairy farming in areas that would otherwise be too dry. Some areas where it has been suggested, such as the Mackenzie Basin, have enormous ecological value which would be destroyed by irrigation and large-scale dairy farming. Dairying is also linked to increasing levels of water pollution in our rivers and lakes, and is a major contributor to our greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, I'm lactose-intolerant, and I get annoyed when people keep adding milk to things that don't need it.

National have also announced that they plan to delay the implementation of our already watered-down and toothless emissions trading scheme. They may also decide not to include farming emissions at all. No. No no no no no no NO! Oh, and by the way, they're also encouraging more coal mining and deep sea ocean drilling.

So yeah. Don't vote National. That is all.

Also, this is what uni does to my writing. I feel like I need references for everything.

Date: 2011-11-12 04:06 am (UTC)
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Link all the words!
Admittedly that comes to me more from TVTropes than anywhere else.

But otherwise, yeah, all things National is saying is making me cringe and mentally remonstrate them for doing things that aren't helping the economy.
But at least the anti-MMP campaign is barely existant?


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